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SupportKit adds beautifully simple messaging to your app to keep your users engaged and coming back.

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Kiran Panesar, CTO @ MobileX Labs

“We launched an app last month and received hundreds of thousands of users. SupportKit allowed our whole team to jump on board help out. Such a wonderful product.”

Kiran Panesar, CTO @ MobileX Labs
Or Arbel, Founder @ Yo

“@SupportKit is a game changer.”

Or Arbel, Founder @ Yo
Pauli Jokel, Founder @ Didstopia

“SupportKit is the most feature-packed and all around best option for any kind of in-app support and FAQ system/framework on the market right now.”

Pauli Jokela, Founder @ Didstopia
Jason Williams, CTO @ Digitar

“SupportKit has completely changed our ability to support our customers. We almost never get a negative review anymore, because users now feel heard when they have issues”

Jason J. Williams, CTO @ Digitar
Or Arbel, Founder @ Yo

“@SupportKit is a game changer.”

Treat your users
like people, not tickets

Start a conversation in your app that's as fun as
texting a friend

SupportKit makes it easy to have conversations with your users that feel as natural as texting a friend. Your users can reach out to you in a flash through an interface that looks and feels like the text messaging interface they already know and love.

Messages from your users are sent to your e-mail inbox, your favourite CRM, or your team's Slack channel. When you reply to your user with your platform of choice, SupportKit instantly delivers your message directly into your app. SupportKit even sends along push notifications to bring users who've left your app back to it so that they won't miss a beat.

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Provide the best answers, faster by knowing who’s on the other end of the line

Say the right thing, at exactly the right time

Automatically send targeted messages to your users to kickstart conversations

SupportKit's "Whisper" feature allows you to send automated, targeted messages to your users that look and feel like personal notes from members of your team. Use these messages to welcome new users, guide existing users back to the app, drive in-app purchases and generate more 5-star reviews.

Works the way you do

Speak to your app's users using Slack, E-Mail or your favourite CRM

The tools you use to communicate shouldn't get in the way of you getting your message across. That's why SupportKit lets you use Slack, E-Mail or your favourite CRM to speak to your users. We effortlessly deliver messages to and from your communication tool of choice and the users in your app, without skipping a beat.

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